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Agape Healing Arts

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Saving Plants that Heal People Since 1992

Rainforest Remedies is the line of traditional herbal and topical healing products formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo based on her work with Don Elijio Panti in Belize


Don Elijio as a traditional Maya healer introduced Dr. Arvigo to the healing herbs and topical treatments used for centuries by traditional Maya healers in Central America. Dr. Arvigo combined the knowledge Don Elijio shared with her during her 13 year apprenticeship and her physician understanding of human physiology to formulate a set of remedies which address many of the common ailments addressed by Don Elijio in his traditional practice. The Rainforest Remedies line also includes products which support both the physical and spiritual healing process of the Maya.

These formulations are based on many years of traditional use and wisdom, individual use, and client experience. Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Arvigo Practitioners all over the world work with these formulas for more than 20 years with great success. Some of the plants have been researched by the New York Botanical Gardens in New York City and Kew Gardens in London, England.

Please keep out of the reach of children!

Belly Be Good

For gastritis, constipation, chronic gas pains.

Ingredients: Man Vine, Gineo, John Charles, Cane Alcohol, Water

Blood Tonic

For anaemia, toxic blood, rheumatism, arthritis.

Ingredients: China Root, Wild Yam, Cane Alcohol, Water

Flu Away

Take at first signs of cold or flu.

Ingredients: Jackass Bitter, Garlic, Cayenne, Cane Alcohol, Water

Female Tonic

Not to be taken during pregnancy

For painful periods, PMS, uterine conditions and menopause.

Ingredients: Copalchi, Man Vine, Billy Webb, Skunk Root, Ginger, Wild Yam, China Root, Cane Alcohol, Water

Immune Boost

Not to be taken during pregnancy

For colds, flu, infections, and exposure to infectious diseases.

Ingredients: Billy Webb, Jackass Bitters, John Charles, Cane Alcohol, Water

Jungle Bitters

Not to be taken during pregnancy

To tonify organs and to detoxify the blood.

Ingredients: Chicoloro, Billy Webb, Jackass Bitters, Guaco, Cane Alcohol, Water

Kidney Tonic

For all urinary complaints, water retention and liver ailments.

Ingredients: Balsam Bark, Corn Silk, Wild Yam, Cane Alcohol, Water

Male Tonic

For male virility, kidney and bladder problems.

Ingredients: Balsam Bark, Corn Silk, Man Vine, Cane Alcohol, Water

Nerve Tonic

For stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Ingredients: Man Vine, Cane Alcohol, Water

Strong Back

For back and neck ache, muscle spasms, athletic strain, to halt onset of asthma.

Ingredients: Strong Back, Wild Yam, Man Vine, Cane Alcohol, Water

Sweet Blood

For adult diabetes, dry cough, low appetite.

Ingredients: Billy Webb Bark, Cane Alcohol, Water

Travelers Tonic

For amoebas, diarrhea, parasites, salmonella

Ingredients: Jackass Bitters, Guava Leaf, Cane Alcohol, Water

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